Love (to) Bits

Love (To) Bits is a seriously comedic drama or kind of a dramatic comedy, however you choose to look at it, there will be laughter…and some tears.


Think of it as if Bridget Jones and Fleabag had a love child. How could you resist that?!


The show incorporates verbatim theatre and Brechtian elements.


The play is comprised of two story arcs. The main arc focuses on the romantic life of the lead character, Cynthia, who just loves love, but can't quite seem to ever get it right. The secondary one showcases different people’s verbatim answers to the age old question “What is love?”. The two are perpetually intertwined.

The show has won the Brighton Fringe B. Fest Award at the International Youth Arts Festival in 2018, award which comprised of a financed run at the Brighton Fringe Festival in 2019 and was nominated for the Best of the Fest Award at the same festival in 2018. It has previously been performed at the Arthur Cottrell Theatre in 2018, the International Arts Festival in 2018 and Brighton Fringe's B.Fest in 2019.

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The Olympians

1979, Belgrave Sporting Academy, South-West London. The qualification season for the biggest sporting competition in the world is about to start. Join Irina, Will, Carl and Cristina for one hour of their life as they are about to embark on the quest of obtaining the most acclaimed and desired medal in the world of sports, the Olympic medal.

Secrets and intentions are revealed, friendships are broken, but more importantly this hour is one that could potentially shape the destinies of these four teenagers.

This coming of age story explores xenophobia and racial issues, touching on mental health and steroid use. A contemporary tale of our times.

The show has previously been performed at the following venues and festivals: Arthur Cottrell Theatre Studio (in 2016 and 2018), The International Youth Arts Festival (2016), Tara Arts Theatre, King’s Head Theatre and The Romanian Cultural Institute in London (all in 2018 as part of a London tour).

Growing Into My Skin

Growing Into My Skin is a poetry show that talks about a few universally human concepts from the perspective of a young woman. It is a coming of age story in its purest form. In the best cases, we use our experiences to help us morph into who we were always meant to be, to grow into our skins.


The show has won the Award for Best Solo Show at the Paris Fringe Festival in 2020 (awarded by the Binge Fest magazine) and has previously been performed at the Stockwell Playhouse in the One Act Festival in 2019.